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Dongguan Intelligent Electronic Co.,LTD
Dongguan Intelligent Electronic Co.,LTD was found by several battery engineers in 2021 and became PCM&BMS and customized battery pack manufacturers over years.

Intelligent Electronic specialized in PCM&BMS, and various rechargeable customized battery pack, including Li-ion battery pack, Polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery pack.

We ensure that all products are original IC, MOS and related accessories, we guarantee the best quality, competitive price, the best comprehensive technical support and service, and we have the best R&D team, which can accept customers' planned orders and create the best products to cater to customers.

The company has advanced R & D, testing equipment and manufacturing facilties, and a team of advanced management personnel, engineers, technicians and professional marketing personnel. The company has 360000 square meters of Industrial Park, can provide customers with timely mass production of multiple production lines. With high quality, competitive price, fast delivery and good service, the company has successully expanded its market network to all parts of the world (Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Canada, etC.), and team cooperation has made the company a leader in battery field. So far, we have established business relations with many companies in the world, some of which are very famous big customers.

Because of the satisfaction of our customers, we have a good reputation in the world.

Quality is the company's top priority. In purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, testing, packaging and other aspects, we are strictly in accordance with ISO9001, UL, CE, ROHS standards certification. Pursuing innovation, insisting on timely delivery, providing timely and comprehensive services and satisfying customers have always been the most concerned issues of the company.
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Advanced injection molding equipment / powerful mold processing ability / high-level dust-free cleaning line
A variety of testing equipment can analyze the physical characteristics of plastic raw materials and finished products to ensure the quality
Professional battery enterprises, market share of more than 10%
Support ODM/OEM to
meet customers' individual needs.
The world's most
advanced imported equipment.
Independentr & dteam, professional design personnel.
We have strong CB,UL,UN,CE,ISO and other relevant certificates.
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