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The one-stop battery solution
Due to the rapid development of power lithium batteries in recent years, there have been considerable breakthroughs in production process, material technology improvement, or price advantages. Therefore, it also lays a solid foundation for many parallel and many series batteries. The era of replacing lead-acid batteries is approaching. Whether electric bicycle or backup power supply, its market share naturally began to expand wildly, which is an undeniable fact. Then, for the safety and service ...
1、 Charging is always balanced. When the voltage of any battery is higher than the average voltage of all batteries during charging, it starts equalization. No matter what range the battery voltage is, it is mainly applied to intelligent software solutions. Of course, how to define can be adjusted arbitrarily by software. The advantage of this scheme is that it can have more time to balance the battery voltage. 2、 Voltage fixed-point equalization is to set the equalization start at a...
Exhibition date August 16-18, 2020 Exhibition venue Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall area a Exhibition area The exhibition area is expected to reach 60000 square meters Number of exhibitors 800-1200 well-known enterprises at home and abroad Number of visitors It will receive 45000 visitors from all over the world, including 7500 foreign visitors Brand enterprise Battery enterprises such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, catl, Lishen, bick, Penghui, Zhenhua, Chuangming, Guanyu, Zh...
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