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Item Content Criterion
Application Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Cell 3
NO序号 Items项目 保护条件 Protection condition 保护延时时间 Delay time 恢复条件 Release condition
1 Cell Over charge voltage Cell 过压保护 1级保护 1st level safty 4.250V±0.025V 2.0s±0.5s 4.08±0.050V
2级保护 2nd level safty 4.35V±0.050V 2.0s±0.5s 永久性损坏 permanent fail
2 Cell Under discharge voltage Cell欠压保护 1级保护 1st level safty 2.750V±0.025V 2.0s±0.5s 3.000±0.050V
SUV Threshold 2.000V±0.025V 5.0s±0.5s 永久性损坏 permanent fail
3 Over current 过流保护 OCC1 Threshold 8A±0.2A 3.0s±0.5s -50mA/5s
OCC2 Threshold 10A±0.2A 2.0s±0.5s -50mA/5s
OCD1 Threshold 8A±0.2A 3.0s±0.5s 0mA/10s
OCD2 Threshold 10A±0.2A 2.0s±0.5s 0mA/10s
AOLD Threshold 30.0A±3.0A 10ms-30ms 0mA/5s
ASCC Threshold 54.00A±5.0A 350uS-600us 0mA/5s
ASCD1 Threshold 54.0A±5.0A 800uS-1000us 0mA/5s
ASCD2 Threshold 66A±5.0A 300uS-600us 0mA/5s
4 Over temperature 温度保护 OTC Threshold 65±3℃ 2.0s±0.5s 60±3℃
OTD Threshold 70±3℃ 2.0s±0.5s 60±3℃
OTF Threshold 90±3℃ 2.0s±0.5s 80±3℃
UTC Threshold -3±3℃ 2.0s±0.5s -0±3℃
UTD Threshold -25±3℃ 2.0s±0.5s -20±3℃
5 Charge Balanced 充电平衡 Cell Balance Threshold 平衡开始电压 3.600±0.050V
Balanced Cell Balance Window 平衡压差启动电压 100mV
Cell Balance Min平衡最小电压 40mV
Cell Balance Interval 平衡间隔时间 20s
6 continuous current持续电流 Charge current 充电电流 5.0A
discharging current 放电电流 5.0A
7 (L*W*H)尺寸 82*17*2.5mm±0.5mm
Item项目 Value参数值 Unit单位
Input voltage(B+ to B-) 输入电压(B+与B-间) Vss-2.2 to Vbat+20V V
Max operating temperature range最大工作温度范围 -20 to 70
Max storage range 最大存储温度范围 -50 to 100
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