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Where are lithium batteries commonly used

From:Dongguan Intelligent Electronic Co.,LTD    Date:2020-08-14
Where are lithium batteries commonly used
With the development of microelectronic technology in the 20th century, more and more miniaturized equipments are needed, which puts forward high requirements for power supply. Lithium battery has entered a large-scale practical stage.
The first lithium battery was used in pacemakers. Because of the low self discharge rate, the discharge voltage is very gentle. It makes it possible for pacemaker to be implanted into human body for long-term use.

Generally, the nominal voltage of lithium manganese battery is higher than 3.0 V, which is more suitable for integrated circuit power supply and widely used in computers, calculators and watches.

Lithium ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, power tools, electric vehicles, street lights, aviation lights, household appliances, which can be said to be the largest application group.
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