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What is the main function of energy consumption balance of battery protection board?

From:Dongguan Intelligent Electronic Co.,LTD    Date:2021-11-15
1、 Charging is always balanced. When the voltage of any battery is higher than the average voltage of all batteries during charging, it starts equalization. No matter what range the battery voltage is, it is mainly applied to intelligent software solutions. Of course, how to define can be adjusted arbitrarily by software. The advantage of this scheme is that it can have more time to balance the battery voltage.

2、 Voltage fixed-point equalization is to set the equalization start at a voltage point. For example, many manganese lithium batteries are set at 4.2V to start equalization. This method is only carried out at the end of battery charging, so the equalization time is short and its usefulness can be imagined.

3、 Static automatic equalization can also be carried out during charging or discharge. What's more, when the battery is in static storage, if the voltage is inconsistent, it is also balanced until the voltage of the battery is consistent. But some people think that the battery is out of work. Why is the protective plate still heating?

The above three methods are balanced by reference voltage. However, high battery voltage does not necessarily mean high capacity, perhaps the opposite. The following discussion.
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